Class of Grad Club

Saturday Classサタデークラス

Our Saturday class is a full school day immersion program. Every class is taught by a Native English speaker and follows our original curriculum.

Saturday classes are split into two 2 hours blocks with an hour for lunch in between. During lunch students can socialize with their teacher and friends and enjoy playing fun games indoors and out. Each week students are set homework for both the morning and afternoon sessions and parents will receive feedback on what was covered during class.

After Classアフタークラス

Our midweek after classes are taught by our full time Kinder Kids teachers and focuses on a new topic every three weeks.

During each three week block students will learn comprehension skills, new vocabulary and grammar structures.

The new vocabulary is introduced on a step by step method, ensuring students understand the meaning of each word before learning how to use them correctly verbally and in their written work.

Conversation Classカンバセーションクラス

Our conversation classes concentrate solely on students listening and speaking skills.

Each class focuses on a specific structure and students are taught to use these structures naturally and confidently.

Students learn to initiate and maintain conversations with their peers, while teachers help with pronunciation, intonation and speed.

Students also learn to speak clearly and confidently in front of an audience. 

Eiken Class英検クラス

We are currently holding a level2 Eiken class for G3 students and above who are in our Grad Club and have already passed level pre-2.

We will support them to acquire essential vocabulary and techniques for taking the Eiken test.

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